an old bench chipped wood cracked paint colors worn deep lines etched surface fractured drenched by rain bounced by wind natures forces carving a mighty tale

worn out  mighty in courage stands the old bench

An Old Bench-Haiku

old wobbly bench cracked

aged with each passing day

walking with a stick

Melody In Love

it is true

that you and I

find harmony

in the whistling wind

the babbling brooks

the sound of waves

echoes in mountains

drumming raindrops

the singing conch

listen to them

echoing our heartbeats

melody in love

image credit - pixabay

Willow Tree

Wind in the Willows
Gusts of wind

Twisting turning

Throwing me about

With flailing arms

I find my strength 

In the branch

 of a willow tree

image credit - pixabay

Que Sera Sera

Be that as it may

One cannot say

What is going to be

What will forever stay

One cannot predict

Even if a date is picked

Do you really know

What will happen tomorrow

The Almighty has spoken

Divine words cannot be broken

The future is uncertain

God will only know

Follow the road

Go along with the flow

Life will be happy

The rest will follow

Que sera sera

Whatever will be will be

Image Credit - pixabay

Mystical Night

The night has descended Bright stars twinkling above The moon shines casting its beams Playing hide and seek with the clouds
With a sudden touch of a light breeze Descend mystical fragrance of delight Flowers merrily dance with the wind Sending heartbeats of warmth and love
Bringing alive a mystical night

Image Credit - pixabay