Life As It Is-Old Age You Cripple Me

Old Age - You Cripple Me

Old age is inevitable. This poem is about how old age slowly but surely cripples us and renders us null and void.

Old age ravages the body but not the soul. We will conquer old age with the spirit of the soul. 

The spirit is always young and will free us from old age's shackles.

Old age, you cripple me, but you cannot take my enthusiasm for living my life to the fullest and enjoying every moment on earth.

Here is my poem -

Old Age - You Cripple Me

My soul tethered to my body

Frail, weak, not able to withstand

The havoc old age wreaks 

Twisting and bending me

Like an old crooked tree

Old Age

Oh, how you cripple the body

Why, Oh why, are you so stone hearted

Do you not know the pain and agony

Ripping my body and obliterating my soul

Oh, why? Oh, Why? Oh, Why?

Old age, do you not see how I am

You know how I was 

Healthy and strong

But now, my frail bones

Rattle, and my legs wobble

I cannot stand or walk

Nor can I make the pain go away

My body screams in agony

My soul wails day and night

Do you hear me, 

Old Age

Can you hear my cries?

My searing teardrops

Carving lines on my face

My hair is pure snow white 

Gone are the glorious days

When my hair was my crowning glory

One by one, telling tales of their own

The strands have fallen off

Carrying my sorrows and pain

Old age, you cripple me

How can you be this way?

You can steal my body

But my soul is mine

Always young


Living each moment

Enjoying life

Till the very end

Image Credit-Pixabay