Oh! gentle wind - What have you done?

A tornado
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What happened to you. dear wind?
What made you so angry?
Unleashing your wrath,
You ripped and threw,
All that was in your path
Merciless without stop,
You kept destroying,
Without stop.

What happened to you, dear wind?
Why did you loose all that you held within?
Your anger, your destroying power
What happened to you, I do not know
Why did you lose control?

Blinded by anger you could not see,
All the destruction, the catastrophe,
You were blind
Did you choose to close your eyes?

Dear wind,
I really cannot believe,
Was that really you?
I still do not know!!
I have never seen this side of you,
I could not feel your gentle touch,
Nor your refreshing breeze,
All I could feel were gales of wind,
Everything as you please.

Dear wind,
All that I want you to do,
Is to remember this please,
How ever angry you maybe,
Never become a thundering storm,
Or a mighty tornado,
Never become a force to destroy,
Just be your gentle self,
And let us enjoy,
The true you,
Gentle wind!

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