Kaleidoscope-Seeking Light


Kindred spirits traveling distances

Abstract reality connecting paths

Lattice patterns frame windows

Effervescence of colors shine through

Integral equations in unknown signs

Deferential planes trying to meet

Optical illusions secretly deceive

Seamless margins merging into one

Cacophonic voices completely drown

Overwhelming whirlwind of emotions

Parachuting hoping to land safely

Ensured of light in the dark

An acrostic for OctPoWriMo-Day 22

Image Credit - pixabay


  1. Loved these images. Yes, there is light in the dark. A write full of hope.

  2. Ah, this is lovely. So visual. Thank you. xoA <3

  3. Ahaa what a beautiful full of optimism...'Ensured of light in dark...'👌👍

  4. Love this Nithya! And you have given me words that I didn't realise I was looking for, Lattice patterns!

  5. This is a very vibrant poem. I love it!


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