Reflections from Inside

OctPoWriMo 2015 -  Day 13

Poetry Prompt for the day - Risky Business

What are the risks that you are willing to take with your writing? Write for ten minutes exploring that question and see where it leads you.

I have never written a poem in Blitz form. Today, I have tried and Reflections from Inside is what came to my mind.

Reflections from Inside in Blitz (almost Blitz) form -

Mirrors made of glass
Mirrors only reflections
Reflections of light rays
Reflections of  another you
You are not an image
You are living in this world
World has many places
World has many people
People can make you happy
People can make you cry
Crying is not for you
Crying you cannot live life
Life is to live
Life is to reach high
High in thoughts and actions
High in being the better person
Person who is kind and considerate
Person who is willing to give
Giving is better than receiving
Giving to others makes you happy
Happy that you helped a person in need
Happy that you brought on a smile
Smile is not just a facial expression
Smile comes from the heart inside
Inside yourself 
Inside you

Cannot consider my poem as a true Blitz Poem because I was able to write in this form for only upto 28 lines whereas the true form of Blitz Poems have 48 lines.

Read about the Blitz form here


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