Sleepless Night


sleepless nights

A poem about how sleep evades drooping eyelids. Sleep seems to play hide and seek with the mind struggling to block all the happenings of the day.

All evasive sleep, tossing, turning, struggling to get a good night's sleep.

Sleepless Night - A Poem

Turbulent thoughts

Knocking on walls

Bouncing off


Hearing noise

In the screaming silence

I toss and turn

Waiting for sleep 

Elusive sleep

Playing hide and seek

As my eyelids droop

Another thought

Rushes in 

Screaming to be heard

Mulled over

Thoroughly ripped apart

Word by word

Scrawling images

On blank walls

As I toss and turn

The sun shines

The day has begun

Good morning

Once again

image credit-pixabay