Mother Nature - Let Us Preserve

Mother Nature-Let us preserve

We have to preserve Mother Nature for our future generations. We must make sure that they enjoy what we have enjoyed on this beautiful planet Earth.

Together we must preserve nature and stop cutting down trees, polluting the environment, and reduce our carbon footprints on Earth.

These are poems reflecting thoughts about preserving nature for everyone to enjoy and continue enjoying for many generations to come.

Deep beneath the earth

A fire lighted by love

Blessed from God in heaven

Showered with kindness and love

Roots begin to grow

Holding soil together

The flowers begin their show

Blooming now and forever

Rainbow colored dreams

Painted by Mother Nature

The message to all it seems

To make nature last forever

The silver streams streak

A pathway to ocean glory

The rocks carve and etch

Mother Nature’s story

The luscious green grass

Paints a background for nature

The flowers popping up  in-between

A glorious canvas of majestic stature

The wonders of God’s creations

Is for all the world to enjoy

So let us  preserve mother nature

And make sure we don’t destroy


Let us preserve nature for future generations.

As the night rocks itself to sleep

The gentle bliss felt through the night

The moon shines with the twinkling stars

Singing a sweet lullaby

Rest, oh  rest, weary earth

Let your soul live in peace

Without thudding footsteps

Sounds of traffic, cruel unrest

Without the thud of a trees

Capturing your every breath

To be boxed and shipped

For commercial success

Paid in the wealth of paper and coins

The good old days are finally gone

When the earth was filled with fresh air

Planet Earth breathed without a care

Nature’s bounties for all to share

Let us preserve planet Earth

For the present and the future world


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