Memories - In-between Then and Now


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In-between then and now

Time has passed somehow

All the moments joyfully lived

All the moments in vain not, to forgive

Gone with the wind memories

Hauntingly sometimes fail to cease

Reminding of times that could have been

So much better than what it seemed

In the blink of an eye

 A petal falls with a sigh

A heart shattered for no reason

Harsh words in anger were spoken

Thinking back on all the moments

A treasure hunt full of emotions

Found in a rocking chair

A life that has been lived

Laid threadbare

A frantic search for memories

To be lived for all eternity

In-between then and now

Time has passed somehow

Making memories

Image Credit - Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay 


  1. "A treasure hunt full of emotions"

    I love that line so much. For it's exactly what remembering feels like.


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