Inner Voice

Listen to your inner voice, your conscience and you will be going in the right direction for the inner voice will always tell you what is right.

The only thing you have to do is to choose to listen to your inner voice, your conscience.

Do you hear a voice

Whispering in your ear

A voice so soft and gentle

That you can only hear

Can you hear it now

Whispering only to you

Telling you what is right

And what you cannot do

You can never ignore it

Even if you try

The voice

It constantly whispers

Every day and  every night

Sometimes the voice annoys you

And you desperately hope it stops

The voice 

It never bothers about your feelings

Jabbers continuously nonstop

Sometimes you feel like smothering

Forever shutting down the voice

But you can only hope and wish

For the voice will whisper non-stop

Just give up fighting 

And listen to your voice

For the voice will always guide you

Help you make the right choice