I hear jingle bells!! It's Christmas

Image Credit - freephotoz

This is a poem that I wrote looking out from the eyes of a child! A child expecting a lot of gifts from Santa Claus, because this child has been very good through out.

I can hear jingle bells
In my dreams
As I sleep
Santa Claus
Smiles at me
Tells me
I'm very sweet
I have been good
Every minute
Without a doubt.

Santa Claus
In my dreams
He has many gifts
All for me
I know
Has understood
I have
Been very good

I have lots of stars
In his book
For doing things
Kind and good
For helping out
Taking care
Working hard
Doing the best
I can

More than all this
Santa really loves me
I know for sure
Because he told me

I hear jingle bells
It's Christmas!!

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