Brothers and Sisters

Talking and laughing,
Playing around,
Pulling pranks on each other,
Without making a sound,
Eating ice creams and cakes,
Chocolates shared in haste,
Wonderful thoughts and memories,
Shared down memory lane.

Brothers and sisters,
Are very special,
They are there to hold your hand,
To help you stand upright,
To make you laugh,
To help you follow,
Your chosen path,
You can call them up,
In the middle of the night,
Or any time of day,
They always will pick up,
Your calls, any time night or day.

Brothers and sisters are very special,
You share a special bond,
You can grow old together,
Have all that you want,
Love, joy and happiness,
What more do you want?
Life is a blessing,
When you have sisters and brothers around.

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