Save Planet Earth

Planet Earth is our source of life,

What we need we take from Her life,

She gives us the elixir to exist,

Oxygen to breathe,

Food that we cannot resist,  

Fabric to dress look our very best,

We live off Mother Earth,

We never let Earth rest.

Planet Earth,

Source of fuel, 

Source of precious stones,

Source of gold, diamond, coal, petrol,

Source of food crops, cash crops, medicinal herbs,

Source of textile fabrics, colors and dyes,

Source for all our needs,

Source of our very lives.

The load is too much for Earth to bear,

Earth is dreary, weary and thread bare,

Soon Earth will have nothing more to give,

Earth will die She cannot live,

Earth will die not bearing the load,

Future generations will not have anything to behold,

The joy of seeing the trees, 

The flowers that bloom, 

The green green leaves,

And the beautiful scenery,

Will all soon become ancient history.

Think of ways to give back to Planet Earth,

To strengthen and fortify the mud and earth,

To replenish water sources and the deep blue sea,

Plant trees and help flourish the greenery,

Harvest rainfall and save water,

Switch off lights, electricity and save power,

Do anything and everything that you can,

Save Planet Earth our Mother Land.

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