Cycle of Life-In A Tree

Wafer-thin leaves quiver
the chill wind swirls about
finding nooks and crannies
chasing all the dry leaves out

Color faded leaves fall away
from the tree branches
tearfully they bid farewell
ready to take their chances

Gently floating to the ground
covered with white snow
they welcome the freezing earth
to merge with her below

And then life begins again
with the winter bowing out
summer is here to say hello
spreading the cheer about

the leaves grow once again
spreading the greenery
life begins all over again
the cycle of life in a tree

Image by Pixabay


  1. So, hopeful poem, no matter what life will bounce back.

  2. Oh yes,life will always bounce back Vandana.

  3. Few things are as glorious (or hope-giving) as the circle of life. Is one of Nature's purest songs, I think. The way her cycles remind us that loss and gain are often each other's yin and yang.

    1. Yes, I agree it is one of Nature's purest songs. Thank you for your visit.

  4. I always think of myself as very lucky to be able to watch the shift from season to season. Each season has its distinct beauty, and there is something rather hopeful as Magaly pointed out in knowing the pattern of their dance.

  5. Nature's beauty is at its best during when seasons transform from one to another. It is comforting to know that there is hope to begin again.


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