Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Feeling Lucky - Today Is the Day

Are you feeling lucky
Do you feel this your day
What does your heart tell you
Will you find your true love today

The four leaved clover brings luck
That is what they all say
Come whisper in my ears dear wind
What scenes have come to play

Are there pretty painted pictures
That elegant Mother Nature displays
Do you carry my true love’s scent
To set my senses ablaze

Oh you buzzing bees do tell
What you have come to know
Do the butterflies have any clue
The day is still, the wind so slow

Speed on my dear wind
Make today my lucky day
Bring me sweet kisses of my true love
Don’t tease me, do tell me I pray

What is there in my destiny
Is today the day I do not know
Will I find my true love today
If not is it tomorrow

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