Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Endless Wait

Voices whisper in my head

Day and night

Tears streaming down my face

Thinking of what happened

Precious lives lost

Loved ones left behind

With nothing but memories

Memories to hold on forever

Only memories

Just another day

Leaving home to return

Just another day

Suddenly things are not the same

The day turns into a nightmare

In a matter of seconds 


Breath being blown out of life

Still lifeless lying dead

In dark pools of red

There is no returning home

Loved ones waiting eagerly

To hear a familiar knock on the door

A voice of a loved one

Saying "Hello I'm home"

The wait is endless

Hope lost with news

Life has ended

Precious lives 

For the countless lives lost

Sun sets forever

Darkness prevails

The sun never shines

For those left behind

And for the departed

Poetry prompt provided by Poets on the Page

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