Image Credit - Free Images by Pixabay

This poem is in response to the weekly prompt on Poets on the Page.

Prompt for the week is to sit quietly for ten minutes or more and write whatever comes to you.

When I close my eyes this is what happens to me -

I close my eyes

Breathe deep

Trying to relax

The only thing I hear

Is the endless chatter

Chatter of my thoughts 

Speaking to one another

Not making any sense

Then the patterns begin

Patterns crisscrossing each other

Burst of colors swirling

Confusing my very existence

Feeling my head spin

I breathe

Breathe deep

And blow out all the thoughts

Silencing the endless chatter

I find peace


To soothe my soul

This poem is in response to the poetry prompt given in Poets on the Page. Join in, write and share your poems.