Saying Goodbye

saying goodbye is not easy

Off now, leaving home, going to college. Saying goodbye is not easy.

This is a poem saying goodbye to mom and dad, starting on a new journey leaving home.

Don’t let me go
Hold my hand
This is a world
I don’t understand
Hold my hand
Hear my plea
This is where
I do not want to be

Don’t let me go
Hold my hand
I am stranded
In a foreign land
Am Far away
From where I want to be
I want to be home
Home with you
I never want to leave

But I must go
You told me so
Seek the path
To where I want to go
You told me that you 
Will always be there
To hold on tight 
To lend a hand

Thank you mom
Thank you dad
I'm off right now
I will always be back