Empty Gestures

Empty Gestures never mean anything, they are just actions never meant to be followed up. We have all faced empty gestures in life, haven't we?

These are poems about empty gestures that I wrote as I was thinking what empty gestures are all about.

empty gestures

actions without any meaning

a shake of your head


a yes for a no


no for a yes

empty gestures

only lies

uttered in the spur of the moment

not a grain of truth in them


Plain Empty

Empty Gestures

not saying what they mean

not meaning what they say

empty gestures

always never mean anything

just a shake of your head

a wave of your hand

nothing there to understand

empty gestures

never stay


they all fade away


  1. We are so used to these gestures that never realize the significance of it.

    glad you captured it nithya :)

    1. Ruchira we never think about it and wonder what is actually going on.


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