Living Life - Make It Count

Live Life - Make it count
These are poems about living life, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Days pass years slip by
I grow old that is life

I can make my life worthwhile
I know I can if I try

Try I will all the time
To help someone passing by

To bring on a smile on a sad face
To wipe off the sorrow without a trace

Lend a helping hand whenever I can
Unload a burden that is my plan

Try I will all this and much more
I will make my life count that is for sure

A Puzzle

Life is made of puzzle bits

When you play it right
You can fit it
Where they are supposed to be
Life's mystery
Piece by piece as you put it together
Life will paint
A pretty picture
Open your eyes
It is there for you to see
Life is for you to live
And solve
The mystery