It's Christmas, Santa Claus is here!

On a Christmas night,
I was dreaming in my sleep,
As I look around and see,
Amazing wonders just for me.

Suddenly a sparkling glow,
Shot up right up from the snow,
I see Santa in my dreams,
Waving joyously to me.

He blows me a sweet kiss,
It was heartfelt and pure bliss,
Santa sweetly smiling to me,
The best thing that can ever be!!!

I call out to Santa,
"Please wait",
As I run out in the snow,
But, Santa disappears,
Leaving me in tears.

As Santa flies away,
He smiles and he waves,
He shouts, "Here's a gift for you!!"
"You are good and I love you".

I see a white magical globe,
Falling slowly to the ground,
But alas, I open my eyes,
To the gentle thudding sound.

I blink my eyes, fully awake,
Thinking of my wonderful dream,
I run right out into the snow,
And I see the globe in my dreams.

Santa Claus is all about believing,
Knowing that dreams do come true,
The special child in your heart,
Really truly knows this too.