Dear Daddy I Hope and Wish

As I walk along the beach,
I see the sun rising in the sky,
The gentle breeze, the golden hues,
Brings back loving thoughts of you.

We laughed, we played,
We had great fun,
You made me laugh,
You made me smile,
You wiped my tears,
Whenever I cried.

I felt protected with you around,
To hold my hand, to stay aground,
You gave me strength, courage and faith,
To carry on, to feel unfazed,
To never give up, to stand and fight,
To carry on, when everything is not right,
All this you taught me dad,
And you made be happy when I was sad.

Now I walk and walk and try,
To hold your hand and hug you tight,
I cry and hope you will come back to me,
Wake up from the eternal sleep,
If hopes and dreams come true right now,
I hope and pray,
For you to come back to me now.

I know you are in heaven above,
Looking down on me with tender love,
But dad I hope and wish always,
I could bring back all the days,
When you were with me,
Forever Again,