Wednesday, August 17, 2016

In Search of True Love

free image by pixabay

Entrance to your heart is furthest from the entrance

Genuine love will shine a light revealing feelings genuine

Presence of love will fill your heart with sublime presence

Shine in the dark will illuminate the eyes that reflect the shine

Can you see the path leading to your true love try you can

Maybe far from where you are or quite near you maybe

Plan of stars will guide you step by step follow fate’s plan

See yourself within the soul that finds what you can see

True love will hear the sweet call of love that is true

Who is the one that seeks out your heart, you wonder who

New is the feeling when you hear the music the melody new

Two hearts beating as one the difference lost between the two

True love will surely find your soulmate, love that is true

Fear not you will find your love waiting for you never fear

Written for the prompt provided by Poets on the Page

The Prompt - Take a list of 5 - 10 random words and weave them into a poem. Challenge yourself with a poetic form from our favorite resource - Shadow Poetry or craft them into your own unique verse or even event a new form.

Most of all have fun!!

I have attempted to write in this poem in the form of a Shadow Sonnet.

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