Thursday, October 8, 2015


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Memories, a poem in response to Day-6 OCtPoWriMo 2015 - 31 Poems in 31 Days challenge.

The challenge today is to write a poem talking about colors and the memories attached to them.


I run off to join my friends

The green green grass

Soft beneath my feet

Chasing butterflies on the way

I run as fast as I could

To play games and have fun

We made up games at times

Games that sometimes made no sense

But still, we would fiercely compete

In the hope of winning

When we had done playing games

It was off to climbing trees

The smell of  red ripe fruits

Drawing us towards them

We climbed 

Like little monkeys

Swinging from branch to branch

Seeking for the ripest of golden red apples

We would pluck as much as we could 

And stash them away in our secret hiding place

After we were done with all the plucking

We ran off into the garden

Admiring the colourful roses

Pink, yellow and red 

The admiration lasted just for a few seconds 

Then we started plucking the petals one by one

Stuffing them into our mouths

The petals tasted so good

We always had someone to keep watch

Just in case my mom came

We were sure of being punished

If she caught us red handed

It was all fun and games

For my friends and me

Without a worry or care

We ruled the world

A world that was ours to enjoy

Where we mattered the most

And we made all the rules

Reliving childhood memories

In my hometown