Monday, September 21, 2015

Highway of Life

Life is a Highway

Life is a highway
I’m standing alone,
Waiting for someone
To take me home.

A car, a bus, 
A van passing by,
People don't seem to care,
I heave with a sigh.

Life is a highway,
Be careful how you cross,
You must travel many byways
You just can get lost.

Life is a highway,
Of meaning and love,
Travelling is easy,
When you are shown how.

In the highway of life,
Look for a light,
Have faith and believe
You will find it somehow.

As the light nears you,
You will surely realize,
You have a companion,
Always by your side.

When you have hope
And you truly believe
You will find a strong hold
God, your steering.

Hold on tight,
Never let go,
God will steer you through,
The highs and the lows.

Life is a highway,
I’m sure going home,
I have finally found God
I know I’m not alone!

God is guiding my way, 
God is shining a light,
Helping me to cross,
The highway of life.

 Image Credit -My Own


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Jodah. Thanks too for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, much appreciated.

  2. Very nice poetry! Enjoyed reading it!

  3. Lovely lines. The tree is shaped so differently.
    Happy WW!!

    1. Indrani, I took the photo when it was windy. Thank you for your appreciation, Happy WW to you too.

  4. Wow! what an analogy, Nithya.

    Life indeed is a highway and we such reminders.

    Pleasure to have you on board, Nithya