Thursday, January 8, 2015

Other Side of Winter

Winter Frozen Cold

Winter is a beautiful season no doubt but it has another side to it.

Winter is heartless, chilling cold.

Freezing drawing out life from every living being.

These are poems that I wrote to depict the other side of winter -

The Chilling Snow

Pure white chilling snow
Seeping through drop by drop
Chilling my body freezing my soul
Till my heart beat finally stops
Frozen cold

Snow White Blanket

Snow white winter sheet
Covering earth cold chilling
Putting her to a deep sleep
To be awakened 
By the warm sunshine

Winter Rules

Winter Rules

As chill cold breeze blows

Freezing land as it snows

Lulling earth into a deep sleep

To awaken when warmth seeps

Till then winter rules the world

A time when white mutes all colors cold

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