Thursday, June 7, 2012


Words uttered in anger,
You will regret,
Unkind words,
Speech that hurts,
Are not the best.

What you can do??
Speak words that heal,
Words that soothe,
Words in kindness,
Even if it is a harsh truth.

Words once spoken,
Cannot be revoked,
Hearts once broken,
Cannot be cloaked.

Let words flow pleasantly,
Pleasant words heal and soothe,
It is the best of all medicines,
The best, can heal, really in truth.

Bring on a smile,
With all whom you talk,
A smile makes life worthwhile,
And stretches along many miles.

Fill this world with happiness,
Happiness, peace and joy,
Everything a word can accomplish,
Spoken in kindness a word is relished.

A please, a thank you, I'm sorry, excuse me please, and many more polite words make a world of difference - try it and you will know.