Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wonders of God - A Poem

Reflecting as I walk along,
Kicking cobbled stones, on my way,
Walking along with my inner thoughts,
That keep resurfacing time and again.

Walking past a street lamp post,
Emanating yellow light from it's bulb,
Iridescent as the light can be,
Crystal clear it pierces me.

Walking along as slow as I can,
Meandering through like only a river can,
Curving swerving but always on track,
Meeting the sea, a journey to last.

As I walk along I reach,
The sea, the sand and the beach,
I walk onto the sand and feel,
Grains of sand beneath my feet.

No impressions of footprints left,
On slipping sands my feet to rest,
Between my toes the slippery sand,
Runs through, as fast as it can.

I walk further down, on the sand,
To see the majestic waves, so grand.
Beating upon the shore,
Respecting the shore, the waves
Dare not over flow.

Wonders of God - the waves are controlled by the shoreline, except perhaps when Planet Earth decides it's time to rebel and heaves and hoes causing earth quakes, tornadoes, storms,tsunamis and wreaks havoc. All these are repercussions of how we treat Planet Earth.