Thursday, October 5, 2017

A World of Magic - As a Child

Laughing playing as a little child
My days were filled with  fun and frolic
I had not a worry or a care
My world was filled with magic
Sparkling glass were diamonds
Golden drops fell out from the sun
Silver never tarnished
Rainbows were colorful rungs
I could climb up high
Touch the sky
Float on the fluffy clouds
Slide down on each raindrop
When I wanted to touch the ground
I could paint a pretty picture
With my every thought
And not a care in the world
Could ever blot it

As each day passed me by 
I realize that the sky is high
Rainbow rungs don’t really hold
The golden drops aren’t real gold
All the silver on earth do tarnish
Diamonds are not glass
There is no real magic
The sun rays are harsh
They scorch the earth
Raindrops could turn into ice
And hurt when they fall from the sky
Now I see reality
A far cry from what it used to be

Written for OctPoWriMo  2017 

free image by pixabay