Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flying Away

I wish I could fly,
High up in the sky,
Wings to reach mountains tall,
Soaring up I try to find,
Birds that could take me to the magical land.

Flying up into the sky,
I meet many birds on my way,
I ask them "Where are you going to stay?"
"Take me with you", I implore,
Take me to your land,
Of fairytales and folk lore",
"Come along with us", they say,
"But you must fly fast and forsake,
Your sleep, your hunger, all at stake,
For we fly mighty high,
Over rivers and lakes."

I thoughtfully sigh,
As I say "OK",
And am on to fly,
With all at stake,
Flying fast we quickly reach,
A land surreal filled with fantasy,
A rainbow hue opens it's doors,
Shows us magical sights of fantasy,
A forest deep,
Filled with fragrant mists,
Fairies sleeping on flowers,
Fragrances I can't resist,
Gazing tenderly at them,
I recall, I flew far away,
To heed,
My mystical call.

Flying away,
Here I am,
To live and enjoy,
In this magical land,

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